About our member companies

The Swedish Security and Defence Association is open to companies whose production of security and defence equipment and services constitutes an essential part of their output, i.e. companies engaged in research, development, production, trade and marketing of military and security equipment, material and services. The Association currently has over 150 member companies including about +100 SMEs. The Association is representing a total turnover of approximately 4,8 billion Euros and has 28 000 employees in Sweden.

The main sectors in Sweden’s defence industry today are:

  • Network-based command and control systems
  • Telecommunications systems, including electronic countermeasures
  • Combat aircraft; manned and unmanned
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Command and control systems for land, naval and air applications
  • Systems for exercise and training
  • Electronic warfare systems; passive and active
  • Camouflage and deception systems; UV, VIS, NIR, TIR and radar
  • Surface vessels and submarines built with stealth technology
  • Combat vehicles, tracked vehicles
  • Short and long-range weapons systems; land, sea and air
  • Air, sea and airborne radar and IR systems
  • Small and large calibre ammunition
  • Smart artillery ammunition
  • Propellants, explosives and other pyrotechnical substances
  • Support systems for operation and maintenance
  • Ranges for test and evaluation
  • The common denominator is the very high technological standard of the products. A number of large and small companies in Sweden also operate in other defence industry sectors. The picture of a highly-qualified defence industry is complemented by a large number of small and
    medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, with a relatively small military production.