About SOFF

SOFF:s main goal is to promote the common interests of the security and defence industry in order to achieve the best possible preconditions for future business. Striving for increased understanding of industries importance to Swedish security and defence policy is a part of that.

The Swedish Security and Defense Industry Association maintains a close dialogue and collaborates extensively with the Swedish government as well as supporting agencies such as the Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

A short presentation on the association is available in a leaflet: Member of SOFF.

Today’s research determines the successes of tomorrow’s economy and technology. Therefore, research and development lie at the heart of Sweden‘s top position in technology. The security and defence industry in Sweden is based on high-tech products and undertakes extensive research and development efforts. The industry thus provides direct help to the Swedish Armed forces in action in completing their missions and contributes directly to the protection of the people.

Efficient procurement procedures need to be guaranteed by reducing bureaucratic hurdles. This involves optimising processes and procedures, as well as much closer co-operation between government agencies and the industry. Mutual close co-operation based on mutual trust is required between the industry, the agencies and the Ministries.

Small and medium-sized companies are of great importance for a successful security and defence industry in Sweden.