By international standards, Sweden possesses a uniquely advanced defence industrial base relative to the size of our population and limited defence budget. The high level of technological expertise obtained within the industry as a whole has facilitated the manufacture of several world leading products, what’s more, at a very competitive development costs.

Today, the Swedish defence industrial base is covering system integration of fighter aircrafts, naval surface vessels, submarines and land platforms. It also provides cost-efficient solutions in many subsystems such as ammunition, IT systems, sensors as well as niche products, and services.

Our industry is the only one in Europe that is completely privately owned and the Swedish defence market is the most open in Europe. Our take on technology transfers, the need for a market driven R&D agenda, and openness, are examples of areas where we stand out in a European context. The high level export successes on the international defence market are another.

In year 2021, the revenue of our member companies accumulated to 47 972 miljon SEK. With 46,7% on export, 2021 was a historic low export rate for our members (usually the export accounts for 65-70%). However, the R&D spending was above 15% due to several large development programmes.