Micropol signs new contract with BAE Systems Hägglunds

Micropol Fiberoptic has signed a contract with BAE Systems Hägglunds for the delivery of field tactical fiber optic communication systems. The contract order is significant with deliveries up to an including 2028.

The order will be produced in Micropol Fiberoptic’s facility in Åled outside Halmstad and adds significant production volume to the existing contracts with BAE Systems Hägglunds. “The new order is an important recognition of our excellent cooperation with BAE Systems Hägglunds”, Micropol’s CEO Peter Ljungkvist says. “Digitalization of the armed forces in Europe and North America is a high priority, and Micropol is well positioned in this arena, e.g. evident in the repeated trust that BAE Systems Hägglunds invest in us”.

About Micropol Fiberoptic: Micropol is headquartered in Åled outside Halmstad, Sweden, and employs 43 professionals. International sales offices are located in Stuttgart, Germany and in Beachwood outside Cleveland, USA. The company’s sales were MSEK 66.6 in 2022, of which 28% was delivered to customers outside Sweden. AB Micropol Fiberoptic is part of Halmstad-based Pamica Group AB.

For more information, please visit micropol.com