Product release – New 19”/2® Products, #MilDef

MilDef continues to expand the 19″/2® product family. We have just released a compact 16 core Xeon server and a compact power distribution unit; both fully compliant with key military standards.

CS1100 Series
The CS1100 series provides a 16 core Xeon server in the 19”/2 form factor. It comes with a 3 disk hardware RAID, 128GB RAM and a wide range of interfaces and options. It is optimized for low size, weight and power (SWaP) to meet industry requirements without sacrificing reliability, ruggedness or performance.

For more information on the CS1100 series visit our website.

PWR1100 Series
The power distribution unit PWR1100 Series offers AC input, 9 DC outputs, and includes a high-performance UPS. In effect, the series combines three power products in one: AC/DC conversion, power distribution, and UPS. The unit is designed in the 19”/2 form factor and is optimized to provide power for complete 19”/2 systems. The unit comes with SNMP functionality as standard, which enables remote monitoring of ports, battery status, temperature, etc. This makes the PWR1100 Series an ideal power solution for mobile systems in demanding environments – even when the electricity goes out.

For more information on the PWR1100 series visit our website.