Milimoji - secure expression

As a society, we rely on the knowledge generated in daily conversations. Social media has become an important part of our culture of what we want to communicate and how we want to interact, but also how we understand and value the world around us. For us as an association, it is important to strengthen the dialogue and the defense community and develop the way we express ourselves. We encourage our member companies to be involved in dialgoue about defense issues.

Greater participation in the discussion on security and defense issues means more angles and a larger, collective experience.
Basically, it increases the understanding and the will of a Sweden worth defending.

Hence Milimoji - expression of icons, smileys and other emoji in a military context.

How do I get started?
The keyboard can be downloaded on the App Store. There is also a free version with limited icons. If you chose to download the priced keyboard, the commission is donated to the Swedish Veterans Association (SVF). Please follow Apple’s Guide if unsure how to enable the keyboard.

The important thing to note regarding installation is that after you add the keyboard under Settings / General / Keyboard / Keyboard you click the keyboard Milimoji in the listing and allow “full access”. Full access is required for the keyboard to be able to “cut and paste” emoji. No data is stored, collected or sent by the app. The app does not use your Internet connection, for example, to retrieve data. Read the Privacy Policy below. Note that most companies and agencies have special provisions governing the use of mobile phone services, not least in the use and installation of various apps.

Privacy Policy – Milimoji KeyBoard
Your privacy is a great concern to us. Read below to see what information is collected when you use Milimoji Keyboard iOS app, why it is collected, and how it is used to improve your overall experience when using the App.

Collection of Personal Information
When you allow full access for Milimoji Keyboard, you may be warned that the keyboard can be used to “transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard.” This is the standard warning message for all third-party input methods, however Milimoji Keyboard does not collect any personal information or transmit such information to a server or third party.

Disclosure of Personal Information
As we do not collect any personal information, your personal information is safe will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have consented explicitly to such a disclosure, or where there is a legal requirement for this to happen.

Access Required and Usage
Some of the features (copy & paste) of Milimoji keyboard needs you to enable “allow full access.” Milimoji will only read data, and no personal information will be stored.

Policy Changes
Any changes to this policy will be posted to an update of the App. You are advised to regularly view our most recent privacy policy.