Presentations from NDIS 2018

Presentations from Nordics Defense Industry Seminar (NDIS2018) will be posted when approved for distribution.

Speech at the Nordic Defence Industry Seminar – State Secretary Jan Salestrand (Check against delivery)

NORDEFCO status of work – Major General Trond Ragnarsøn Karlsen, Chairman NORDEFCO Military Coordination Committee

Nordic material agreement and annexes – Mr. Raimo Jyväsjärvi, National Armaments Director, Finland

Planning requirements for deeper defence cooperation – Mr. Morten Tiller, National Armaments Director, Norway

Government – Industry defence logistics cooperation– Mr. Jukka Holkeri, President, International Support Partnerships, Patria

Government – Industry defence logistics cooperation – Mr. Vidar Hole, Managing Director WilNor Governmental Services

Nordic defence industry intergration – Mr. Eirik Lie, CEO Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Future Nordic Defence Capabilities – How the industry can contribute – Mr. Håkan Buskhe, CEO Saab Group

Using the European Defence Fund – Mr. Kusti Salm, National Armaments Director, Estonia

Access to external markets – Nordic Cooperation to level the playing field– Mr. Torbjørn Svensgård, Joint Nordic Defence Industry Cooperation Group (JNDICG)

How can Nordic ndustries access to NATO and US markets be secured? – Morten Brandtzæg, EO Nammo

Opportunities and challenges when working with EU, Nato and the US – Andreas Hedskog, Founder, Head of Products and Innovation 4C Strategies

Lessons learned from a Finnish perspective – Mr Juha Moisio, CEO Robonic

The Norwegian Space Programme – Colonel Stig Eivind Nilsson, Head of NO MoD Space Programme

New arena and emerging capabilties – Dr. Eva Bernhardsdotter, Space Programme Manager FMV

Emerging nanosatellite capabilities for defence and security arena – Mr. Robert Lindegren, Launch Program Director Gomspace

SAR Microsatellites – Mr. Tuomas Korpela, Sales Director and Senior Advisor Iceye

Applications in defense – Mr. Eirik Evjen Hovstein Maritime Robotics Protective

The coming swarm – Mr. Martin Hagström, Deputy Research Director Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Battlefield IoTcommunication – Mr. Kuldar Väärsi, CEO Milrem

Need for multi-sensor data fusion – Mr. Vesa Arkko, CEO Airbus Defece and Space Finland

Equipment with new material –  Mr. Steven Savage Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Future soldier – Mr. Lars Krogh Vammen, Market Manager Weibel Mr. Klaus Aude, VP CST

C4I – Mr. Johan Pakarinen, Vice President C4IS and Tracking Solutions MilDef

Power Storage – Mr. David P. Brown, CEO Broadbit Batteries

The future battlefield – What does it bring to the Nordic region? – Rear Admiral Jonas Haggren, Head of Policy and Plans Department, Swedish Armed Forces

The future battlefield – Characteristics, challenges and opportunities across domains

Innovation as a tool to facilitate cooperation – Mr. Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, CEO BAE Systems Hägglunds

Key note – Swedish Supreme Commander, General Micael Bydén

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